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Change Hair Color | Only Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial


Tutorial por Paquo360

Learn how to change the hair color easily using a quick mas in Adobe Photoshop CS 2

Open the image that you will use for the change of color.

Change color hair: photoshop tutorial 01

Take a soft edges brush agreed to the size of your image.

Change color hair: photoshop tutorial 02

Press the "Q" key to enter in quick mask mode. Mark all the hair area, if you have problems and you go in wrong some areas use the eraser to correct.

Change color hair: photoshop tutorial 03

Change color hair: photoshop tutorial 3b

Press again “Q” to leave the quick mask mode.

Now we have a selection around the hair, but we need is the selection in the hair, reason why it is necessary to invest the selection: Selection > Invest.

Change color hair: photoshop tutorial 04

Now it is necessary to dye the area of the selection.This we do it with a New Fill Layer. Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color. Appears the basic properties of the new fill layer. Change the mode to Soft Light and if you want change the name. Click Ok.

Change color hair: photoshop tutorial 05

Then use the color picker to select the hair color. Try some of them.

Change color hair: photoshop tutorial 06

Here some examples:

Change color hair: photoshop tutorial 07

Change color hair: photoshop tutorial 08

Change color hair: photoshop tutorial 09

Comentarios de Change Hair Color | Only Photoshop

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  • rhochu2


    2006-12-10 04:05

    what are you on so you can do that? is it like paint or something???
  • tink


    2007-04-15 18:14

    What Do You use TO DO this?
  • lisa


    2007-04-26 11:07

    how do u do this???????????
  • amanda-luvs-u09


    2007-04-27 15:42

    where do you go to use this????
  • cathy


    2007-04-28 10:10

    how can we do this????

  • hiang


    2007-04-30 18:36

    How i do this??
  • wfareed


    2007-05-05 07:00

    1- open pic
    2- press q for quick mask mode
    3- choose a brush
    4- start painting the hair area
    5- press q after u finish painting
    6- select -> inverse
    7- copy & paste
    8- select the pasted new layer
    9- image -> Adjustment -> hue/Saturation .
    10- choose the hair color from the color picker and save .
  • Rosalines_Cyn


    2007-05-10 21:23

    Did you guys even read? This is Photoshop. Its a program you buy. Good luck getting it just to do your hair because it is expensive. Inless you decide to go out and buy one of the photoshops, you can't do it.
  • Gurl 1314

    Gurl 1314

    2007-05-23 20:38

    Wow that is awsome! but i aint wastin my money on tht :@
  • Lyzzrd13


    2007-06-02 16:57

    why waste your money
  • ccroswell


    2007-06-09 14:22

    You all relize that your on a site called correct? As in Adobe Photoshop, the program that this tutorial is based on. Its not a waste of money, this isn't the only thing that you can do with it. Its ment for professionally photographers/graphic artists, not just to change hair color.
  • happyaccident


    2007-06-11 18:21

    I have a question. I very much like the technique but am very new to Photoshop. I currently have Photoshop 7.0. Is that very different from Adobe Photoshop CS 2, which this tutorial was made in? I can follow the tutorial until after the quick mask, when I have to invest the selection. That's where I can lost. I can't invest it...not that I'm 100% positive what that means....
  • lukas wolfe

    lukas wolfe

    2007-06-18 23:15

    Photoshop 7 will do this no problem.. when you say "invest" i think you mean "inverse" which is an option located in the Selection menu. This tool simply selects the opposite or the 'inverse' of your current selection.
  • dutchy16


    2007-07-30 15:07

  • sunrise_xx


    2007-08-06 00:33

    This is a great tutorial, thank you!!
    But just a quick question: How do you invest in Photoshop CS3? I just download the 30-day trial a short while ago and would like to try this out.
    Thank you!
  • angelcusur


    2007-09-08 16:22

    OK,,, This Good... to colorize the hair
  • Anney


    2007-09-19 06:43

    how it is possible to download it??
  • vietpryde127


    2007-09-23 01:04

    eh...this doesnt work so well on black hair
  • quarter


    2007-10-21 22:30

    how do i get this on my computer so i can do this to.....
  • jasond23


    2007-11-25 01:58

    You can get a very similar program for FREE! It is called GNU Image Manipulation Program aka GIMP. It is a free, open-source program that can do EVERYTHING Photoshop can do. Just do a Google search on it to get it.
  • toelessjoe


    2007-11-28 01:38

    I just tried this and it actually worked really well. I was able to turn my salt-n-pepper short-n-curlies back to black:)
  • winsern


    2007-12-15 02:08

    Want free Adobe Photoshop CS2 or CS3??


    and register! Search around the section called 'Internet Cafe' for instructions on how to get it. Free keygen included for activation of Photoshop!
  • rere_uk


    2007-12-18 21:04

    u said we can download GNU and i done this
    can you tell me the steps that u did in here in the GNU programme
  • precious9415


    2008-01-29 19:53

    wher can i get dis?????????
  • graham_m


    2008-02-15 20:11

    why are people looking at photoshop tutorials if they dont know what the program is, and if you are thick enough to be posting "where can i get dis??" and "how do i get this on my computer" etc etc, then it is going to be too complex for you to work out.

    however, all that said, the tutorial was a good base, with some basic knowledge I could fill in the gaps missed.
    nice work
  • Kit Cat[Renegade]XX

    Kit Cat[Renegade]XX

    2008-04-28 12:43

    Anyone know how to change from black to blond?
  • rubytears


    2008-06-14 01:32

    Wow, this way is so much easier then the way I've been doing it. Thank you :)
  • rackey


    2008-09-03 05:46

    I found another great tutorial on how to color hair in photoshop:
  • Pixel3


    2008-09-21 03:29

    He is using Adobe Photoshop, for those who wanted to know what program.
  • sohsowski


    2008-10-14 08:24

    wow. I can't believe people on here. This is for photoshop, a professional graphic design program. And you can't really do any of this in GIMP, no matter what any one says. It is impossible. Great job to who wrote this, I learned a lot. Thanks!
  • Armaggedon89


    2009-02-03 17:59

    If anyone want some image to be fixed (hair changed, etc.) comment my album on and post ur e-mail or msn address and i will contact you about the picture. Ofc, at you can see some of the pictures i have done.
  • brunettesxrock93


    2009-04-12 18:08

    Don't buy it, download it. Wow.
  • madlen12


    2009-05-20 01:45

    I have it,but i try and i can't do that with the hair!!!With any way i do other things!!!<<6- select -> inverse
    7- copy & paste
    8- select the pasted new layer
    9- image -> Adjustment -> hue/Saturation .
    10- choose the hair color from the color picker and save>>!
    From the six and down i do something wrong!!!Please someone help me!!!

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