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Imac Text Effect | Only Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial


Tutorial por Paquo360

Learn how to make the popular I Mac effect in some steps with Photoshop.

Lets start creating a New Image RGB Mode, white background. This is 300 * 300 px.

Take the Text tool and write your text. This example is Time New Roman Bold, 165 pt. blue color (0099FF), aa crisp.

Imac Text Effect 01

Layer Styles

The rest we will do it with Layer Styles. Layer > Layer Styles > Drop Shadow, Bevel and Emboss y Stroke.

Use the parameters of the three next images.

Imac Text Effect 02

Imac Text Effect 03

Imac Text Effect 04

This is the final result. I hope you like it.

Imac Text Effect 05

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