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Painting an Apple in Photoshop CS | Only Photoshop

Drawing and Illustration Photoshop Tutorial


Tutorial por Tigerazzo

Learn how to draw and paint an apple in Adobe Photoshop CS.

Brush and Finger Tools

Original Photo

We drew the apple (it does not have to be equal) and the colors that we will use:

Apple and colors

We take to the base orange and we colored more or less occupying that sector of the apple:

Base Orange

Here we give the dark orange and with "finger" we go "drawing":

Dark Orange

Here the red one and also with "finger" soon varying intensity to 50%:

Red 50%

Here we began to see the one of the leaf and the stem:

Leaf and stem

In this we applied the brown color and width the "finger" tool to 50% we worked the central zone, trying to stump; also we see the stem and leaf:

Brown color

Here the dark brown color 50% we drew in the edge of the apple with a thin brush and soon with grater by the zones of "shade" and next "finger" tool to 50% and varying:

Dark brown

And to finish the "lights" of the apple itself:

To finish lights

I hope has pleased to everyone. Greetings!!!

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