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Change Color Hair in Photoshop | Only Photoshop

Photo Effects and Retouch Video Tutorial


Tutorial por Empalinen

Easy video tutorial how to Change hair color in photoshop.

Comentarios de Change Color Hair in Photoshop | Only Photoshop

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  • blueeyes41995


    2007-12-09 15:52

    how do you do this!
  • rere_uk


    2007-12-18 20:47

    am using gimp soft ware
    and i just wonder how can i do the qucik mask?
  • Therese


    2008-02-11 23:02

    how do I do this to my pictures
  • graham_m


    2008-02-15 20:11

    its photoshop, not gimp. If you cant follow a video theres no helping you. take your computer back to the shop and tell the shopkeeper "sorry im too thick to own a pc"
  • lalabeby


    2008-07-01 17:57

    how do you get the program?
  • ellie


    2008-08-11 08:20

    how do you download it?

    2009-08-03 18:06

    how do i do this to my picture?