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Photo To Line Drawing | Only Photoshop

Photoshop Video tutorial. Photo Effects and Retouch


Tutorial por RonJr7700

This tutorial will show you how to turn a photo into a drawing and adding a lil jazz to the image.

Comentarios de Photo To Line Drawing | Only Photoshop

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  • Katerina


    2008-01-17 20:27

    what what websit are you on or the link??? i would like to do that to my pictures :) thats really cool
  • adilene


    2008-03-27 19:16

    how do you do that what is the website?
  • photoshopdesigngeek


    2008-05-04 00:39

    Do you people have IQs of 32? This is a photoshop tutorial site... Ever heard of google? A simple search will show you that the program photoshop is made by Adobe and is the premiere photo manipulation and retouching software of most professionals. He shows you exactly how it's done... That's why it's called a tutorial...