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Realistic Hair Color Changing in Photoshop | Only Photoshop

Video Tutorial Photoshop Photo Effects and Retouch


Tutorial por ItsSchafe

Use this method to realistically change your hair color in Adobe Photohsop. Almost no skill is required, as it can be done in the easiest of ways. Watch as I show you how to experiment with an image's curves adjustments in order to find a hair color that's right for your new image.

Comentarios de Realistic Hair Color Changing in Photoshop | Only Photoshop

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  • precious9415


    2008-01-29 19:46

    how can i get to download this
  • adilene


    2008-03-27 19:20

    hey thats really cool how do you do this what is the website?
  • volleyballqt829


    2008-04-01 20:47

    where do i download this from.
  • rubytears


    2008-06-14 01:41

    Wow, I would never think to use curves for changing hair color.
  • starksc


    2008-06-14 15:02

    how do i download this?
  • rainxandxshine3


    2008-06-26 12:06

    where do you go to put your picture? like word or paint or where? plzz respondddd
  • dancertink018


    2008-07-13 13:50

    that didn't really help a lot, b/c now i am even more confused then before!!!!!!!!
  • ~Love~


    2008-07-13 23:53

    how do u get to that??
  • Eleanorose321


    2008-07-31 11:34

    How do you get that? If someone know's please E-mail me at Thanks!
  • sweetdark


    2008-08-08 15:23

    how can i download this...plz tell me
  • bekka


    2008-08-11 06:15

    i found out how to do this go onto the paint shop pro website and scroll down and it will say change hair clour (curves) x
  • bekka


    2008-08-11 06:18

    no wait rong one it is web design libary and it lets u change darker coours to a blondy effect xxx
  • wallis-x


    2008-08-21 12:12

    man i wana noe how to do it |-)