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Snow Text Effect | Only Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial


Tutorial por Paquo360

Add some snow to any text using this cool and easy snow effect tutorial.

Start creating a New Document. Size: 320 X 180 px. Color Background: AA732A. Then type some text on it. Font: Comic Sans MS, Bold, Size: 120, AA: Smooth, Color: C2C2C2.

snow text effect 01

Double clic on the text layer to open the Layer Styles. Use Bevel & Emboss and Stroke and set these settings:

snow text effect 02

Now you have something like this:

Create a New Layer, double clic on it to open the Layer Styles. Add inner Glow and Bevel and Emboss:

Next Grab Brush Tool and use a 6 - 10 px Hard Airbrush to draw the snow. Make sure you have white foreground color. There you have, the Snow Text Effect. I also added a little shadow.

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